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Roscoe Speaks

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

When I first started out I was shackled by my intense religious upbringing and a complete lack of confidence in myself or my music. That thinking, that mindset, is the easiest path to compromising your passion and vision. It didn't help that I had virtually no support from many of the people closest to me.And then I recorded New Frequency and my limitations diminished greatly. I formed a band and started trying to get gigs lol. Played for beer and pizza for about 6 months to a year just trying to establish myself. I've met and befriended some awesome musicians and I've played holes in the wall and concert halls. But I never would've done any of it without taking taking a chance on myself and my dream. If you have something in your life that drives you to reach for the stars, find people around you that are willing to stand you on their shoulders. And when the opportunity arises, pay it forward. Reach back and pull another dreamer from the Ether. Music has been such an awesome gift, It has reshaped and enriched my life beyond words.


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