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Rascal Magic

Hey there faithful friend, as I mentioned previously we are currently in the studio.The whole band is excited and the vibe is electric. Mad props out to Tyler Willenbrink 🤘👏for his masterful wizardry in helping us lay these tracks. We do firmly believe this project is gonna be a monster. All of our original songs you have enjoyed at the live shows, we are honored to now offer them to you in recorded form.

So, If you have ever witnessed our energy on stage, I’m now taking submission/suggestions for what we will ultimately name this puppy 🤔.... oh come on it’ll be fun. Send em on the website or on our Facebook page therascaltheory-trt. The person who offers the most creative title and we end up using it, gets a shout out in the credits and first dibs on the release/new merch when it drops as well as a special invitation to the CD release event, Future date TBA.

Rascal Nation start your engines!!!

Love Roscoe


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